Advanced Placement Economics: Teacher Resource Manual by John S. Morton

Advanced Placement Economics: Teacher Resource Manual

Book Title: Advanced Placement Economics: Teacher Resource Manual

Publisher: National Council on Economic Education

ISBN: 1561835668

Author: John S. Morton

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John S. Morton with Advanced Placement Economics: Teacher Resource Manual

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Advanced Placement Economics is the perfect complement to your college-level economics textbook. Use these proven activity-based lessons to clearly illustrate and reinforce the economic principles you introduce in your lectures. You'’ll raise your teaching know-how to a new level and deliver confidence-building lessons that thoroughly prepare your students for the AP Economics exams. 1. Advanced Placement Economics: Teacher Resource Manual Use this powerful teacher guide to support your existing AP Economics curriculum. Unit plans give you a broad overview of the key AP Economics concepts, and the daily lesson plans are an in-depth guide through the most crucial economics principles. Your Manual includes: Time-saving unit plans -– develop a teaching strategy that gets the key economic concepts across quickly and efficiently Practical daily lesson plans - easy step-by-step procedures show you how to deliver a memorable lesson Helpful visuals to the student activities -– you'’ll get plain language overheads that demonstrate vital concepts Answers to sample multiple-choice questions, sample free response questions, and activities You'll also get activity-based lessons that are NOT in the Student Activity Books... a great way to add fresh, new content to your classroom.

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