Wave of Terror by Jon Jefferson

Wave of Terror

Book Title: Wave of Terror

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Author: Jon Jefferson

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Jon Jefferson with Wave of Terror

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An unthinkable terrorist plot: The earth is shaking. The clock is ticking.

Astronomer Megan O'Malley sees things on a cosmic scale - hidden planets, colliding galaxies, imploding stars deep in the universe. But this time, she's sensing something much closer to home. And she can feel it underfoot, too: explosive seismic shifts along a geologic fault line that could unleash an apocalyptic disaster. O'Malley also discovers something even more terrifying: the cataclysm is intentional. Someone is determined to trigger a mega tsunami.

FBI Special Agent Chip Dawtry is a big-picture guy, too. He lost his brother on 9/11, and ever since, he's focused on preventing the next massive terrorist attack. Now, it isn't hypothetical - it's unfolding fast. But only he and O'Malley see the peril.

When O'Malley vanishes, Dawtry races to find her. It's up to them to stop a 150-foot wall of water ready to roil - and wipe out America's Eastern Seaboard. Each new terrifying rumble means it may be too late.